About Agency

The National Rating Agency (NRA) was established in 2002. As one of Russia’s leading independent ratings agencies, we maintain ratings on more than 400  legal entities. Over 1000 banks and corporates are involved in our other market information projects, whose products are regularly covered by the media and appear on NRA’s website and social networks.

NRA is in the register of ratings agencies accredited with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Our ratings are officially recognized by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Vnesheconombank, Federal Financial Markets Service, Rusnano, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, RTS and MICEX stock markets, National Association of Stock Market Participants, National Securities Association, National Managers’ League and  Association of Russian Banks.

In 2008, we adopted the Code of Professional Conduct for Russian Rating Agencies, approved by the National Securities Association.

Today, NRA provides the following ratings and rankings:

  • Investment Company Ratings and Rankings (since March 2000)
  • Asset Management Company Ratings and Rankings (since September 2002)
  • Holding and financial companies Rating
  • Bank Ratings and Rankings (since September 2002)
  • Issuer Ratings (since June 2006)
  • Insurer Ratings and Rankings (since September 2006)
  • Non-State Pension Fund Ratings ( since September 2007)
  • Country Ratings (since September 2007)
  • Russian Region Ratings (since September 2007)
  • Registrar Ratings (since October 2008)
  • Shariah Quality Compliance Rating (since 2013)

In-depth analytics, commentaries, independent and forward-looking opinions on each rating segment are available in respective sections of this website. In addition, you can examine an entity’s current performance indicators after selecting its respective industry group.