NRA to Attract Investors and Increase the Authorized Capital to 50m Rubles

In the next year National Rating Agency (NRA) will increase its authorized capital to 50 million rubles in accordance with the law, told reporters NRA's CEO Viktor Chetverikov.

'We have 18 months to put in order the activities of the company in accordance with the law, which establishes the requirement to the size of the authorized capital – 50 million rubles. We plan to attract new members and increase the capital to the required amount,' said Chetverikov. According to him, there would not be any financial institutions among new investors. 'It will be non-profit partnerships and individuals,' he noted.

Chetverikov also clarified the situation around the corporate conflict with the partner on National Rating Agency LLC. Last week Vedomosti reported that the conflict between the co-owners of the company led to the fact that there are two agencies of the same name operating in Russia.

The CEO of NRA said that the conflict arose after one of the founders demanded its share back and, without reaching an agreement, began to perform actions aimed at damaging the company. 'In particular, our clients began receiving letters of termination of contracts,' said Chetverikov. He specified that claims on the fact of extortion were applied to the law enforcements.

Chetverikov noted that the regulator has no claims to the fact that the Agency is now conducted on behalf of a new entity. 'The most important thing is to ensure the continuity of rating actions and bring the activities of the legal entity in compliance with the law before the end of 2016. The old legal entity will be terminated,' said the CEO of NRA., 14/12/2015