UMMC-Perspective Accepts Offers from Asset Management Companies with NRA's Ratings Not Lower Than AAA

Until December 31, 2015, APF 'UMMC-Perspective' accepts proposals from asset management companies with the National Rating Agency's rating of AAA (maximum reliability) in order to conclude agreements on trust management of pension savings and/or pension provisions.

Proposals should contain the following information:

  1. Information to demonstrate compliance with the requirements for asset management companies wishing to conclude a contract on trust management with APF 'UMMC-Perspective';
  2. Information about beneficial owners of an asset management company;
  3. Information on the results of trust management of pension reserves over the last five years;
  4. Possibility of providing GMI (guaranteed minimum income) under the proposed terms of the contract on trust management of pension reserves;
  5. Information on the assigned ratings, indicating when and by whom they were assigned;
  6. Information on how to ensure the safety of transferred funds (bank guarantee, surety by beneficial owners or other persons, pledge etc.), subject to availability.

APF 'UMMC-Perspective' undertakes obligation to protect the privacy of transmitted information.

Proposals should be sent by e-mail to:, 15/12/2015